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Team and Technical Leader at CKSource. Working on one of the best and well-known RTEs out there!

  • Ode to Tampermonkey

    Tampermonkey browser extension is a great tool for automation, testing stuff, and creating PoCs.

  • Reversed Parkinson's Law

    Many of us heard about Parkinson's Law. And even more experienced it at some point. But maybe there is also the inverse principle?

  • Immersive remote work?

    Remote work may be both convenient and burdensome at the same time if not separated well from the private life.

  • Crawling for AC/DC

    It is never too late to get tickets for your favourite concert, especially when you know how to code!

  • Animated CSS gradient with mask-image

    Using the mask-image CSS property with transitions is not currently supported in any browser - but as always, there is a work-around.

  • How not to change the <video> element source?

    The wrong approach to changing the video element source can cause parallel video downloading and slow down the browser.

  • Say hello!

    Say hello and get to know me better a bit!