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  • What is your code coverage?

    What is your code coverage? Do you measure it? Should you measure it? Is code coverage a good metric?

  • Can browser tabs talk (between one another)?

    Did you know that modern browsers provides native mechanism to send messages between different documents within the same origin based on publish subscribe pattern?

  • Ode to Tampermonkey

    Tampermonkey browser extension is a great tool for automation, testing stuff, and creating PoCs.

  • Reversed Parkinson's Law

    Many of us heard about Parkinson's Law. And even more experienced it at some point. But maybe there is also the inverse principle?

  • Immersive remote work?

    Remote work may be both convenient and burdensome at the same time if not separated well from the private life.

  • Crawling for AC/DC

    It is never too late to get tickets for your favourite concert, especially when you know how to code!

  • Animated CSS gradient with mask-image

    Using the mask-image CSS property with transitions is not currently supported in any browser - but as always, there is a work-around.

  • How not to change the <video> element source?

    The wrong approach to changing the video element source can cause parallel video downloading and slow down the browser.

  • Say hello!

    Say hello and get to know me better a bit!